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Product Detail

RHD/LHD 6X4 Dumper truck


Announcement   Model Name Batch


Quality   parameters (kg)

Total   mass: 25000 Preparation of quality: 11960 Load capacity: 12910

Size   parameter (mm)

Shape:   8250 × 2500 × 3150 Container: 5400 × 2300 × 1360

Wheelbase:   3800 + 1450

Engine   model and parameters

Dongfeng   Cummins ISLe340 40

rive \   axle (t) \ tires

6 × 4   7/16/16 road tires: 12.00R20 10 + 1


1, flat   top half-floating cab, engine intake preheat, electronic accelerator pedal,   WABCO ABS system;

2, the   driver damping seat, parking independent heater, 400 liters of steel main   fuel tank, ignition lock, door lock, fuel tank lock, urea tank lid lock four   lock, fuel filter and urea pipe heating, SACHS Φ430mm pull-type diaphragm   spring clutch;

3, Shaanxi   teeth 12 file 12JSD180TA gearbox, the first file ratio 15.53, the most   high-end for the direct file, 7 tons of front axle, Shaanxi Hand 16 tons   wheel double double axle, steel plate number 10/12.

4, in line   with the Russian regulatory requirements;


Use for   short-distance dumping dregs, sand and other transport, to meet the marked   and heavy transport needs;