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Product Detail

Dongfeng Captain E-Star Electric Cargo Van


Large space and strong load, saving money ●More economical

20.3m³ large space cargo container, 12.7% larger carriage volumeHigh load-carrying electric drive bridge, load increased by 14%

Black technology has long battery life, worry-free ●More freedom

380km long battery life, longer battery life in ECO mode, 1,000 kilometers per monthThe new generation of three-electric management system is super power saving, as low as 0.12 yuan per kilometer,

Humanized design, understand the car ● understand you better

1900mm super wide cab, adding 75mm super wide aisleLarge electric rearview mirror, 80% wider rearview range, wide driving experienceIntelligent digital cockpit, 12-inch large central control screen, wireless charging, new experience of human-car interaction

New definition of safety and reliability, guarding ● more trust

Jointly developed by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the "end, management, and cloud" overall protection security communication systemQuantum encryption algorithm, asymmetric encryption technology, no dead angle encryption protectionTriple protection data top secretThe lightweight design of aviation composite material adopts DL510 frame steel with a tensile strength of 510 MPa.Turpan 45℃ high temperature, Hulunbuir -38℃ high cold external environment test

Ecological technology empowers, smart ● simpler

The fluid mechanics bionic appearance design reduces the drag coefficient by 11%, and the lightweight design of aviation composite materials.ESC body electronic stability control systemIntelligent driving assistance systemAnti-fatigue warning systemOne-key remote control, AI intelligent diagnosis, more peace of mind along the way