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Product Detail

Dongfeng Captain W Series mini truck


Strong and comfortable

*The National Liuliu machine has a powerful 1.5L power, fast speed increase, and fuel consumption reduced by 15%

*Monwo 5-speed dual-cone synchronous transmission, clear gears, smooth shifting, and easy operation

*New car interior, stylish atmosphere, comfortable driving

*The height of the whole vehicle is low, which can pass underground parking lot

*The height of the cargo box is 0.8m from the ground, the center of gravity is low, and the loading and unloading is convenient

Safe and worry-free

* Ultrawide wheelbase, stable center of gravity, safer turning

*3600mm long wheelbase, no "lifting head" under heavy load

*Side/rear guard rail design, safer driving

Super load

*2.5 tons large rear axle for trucks

*140mm through beam for truck

* Truck riveted leaf spring design

*Cargo box is 3700mm long and 1750mm wide

*Separate cargo box to avoid cargo collision

*185R14LT dual rear tires, the vehicle runs stably and has strong bearing capacity