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Product Detail

Dongfeng DFL4251A16 6×4 Tractor truck


Vehicle model


Driven form

6 × 4

Fuel type



D310 small change flat   head high top double cab

(H standard)

Engine type


Wheelbase (mm)

3300 + 1350

Main fuel tank   specifications (L)

Magnesium alloy 550L fuel   tank (four lock one)

Clutch (Φ *** mm)

Φ430mm pull-type diaphragm   spring clutch

Transmission model and   speed ratio

Shaanxi teeth 12 files   12JSD180TA, the first file speed ratio of 12.10, the most high-end for the   ultra-file

Front axle type and rated   load (T)

7 tons (DF701S) 22.5 inch   disc brakes

Rear axle model, type and   rated load (T)

10 tons of single-stage   slowdown double rear axle (Dongfeng 485)

Rear axle main reduction   ratio

Main reduction ratio 3.909

Interlocking differential   lock


Inter-shaft differential   lock

There is an inter stage   differential lock

Front width, rear width   (mm)

Front width of 940mm,   after the width of 800mm

Frame (mm)

280 × 90 × 8

Steer type and   manufacturer

ZF Integral Power Steering

Number of leaf springs


Tire model

315 / 80R22.5

Automatic adjustment arm

Automatic adjustment arm

Brake safety device (ABS,   ASR)

East Corkell 4-Channel ABS

Cab suspension

Full floating, front   suspension mechanical spring, rear suspension airbag suspension

Cab turned over

Electric hydraulic   overturned

Rear side spoiler (for   tractor)

Open the side spoiler

Skylight (for tractor)

Manual glass sunroof

Electric glass lifter

Electric glass lifter

Door lock

Center lock

Driver seat (shock   absorber, airbag shock absorber seat)

Airbag shock absorption

Dashboard type (channel   type, surround type)

Channel dashboard

air conditioning

Air conditioning

Cruise system

There is a cruise system

Global Positioning GPS


Driving recorder

Compatible with BDS / GPS   satellite positioning function of the vehicle recorder terminal

Fender (only for traction   semi-trailer)

Three-stage fender

Saddle (only for traction   semi-trailer)

90 # traction pin saddle


With engine brake, speed   limit 80km / h, maintenance-free battery, electromagnetic power switch

The main purpose of the model: high-speed logistics, hybrid goods flow, hazardous chemicals logistics

Main configuration profile:

6 × 4 drive country four dangerous goods tractor, D310 flat head high roof double bedroom modified cab (H standard), Dongfeng dCi385-40 engine (country Ⅳ, diesel - high pressure common rail + SCR post-processing) (engine Dynamic control system for the EDC7, wheelbase 3300 +1350mm, front frame width 940mm, rear width 800mm, resistance heating cold start device, aluminum 550L main fuel tank, a fuel tank lock (three lock one), electronic Throttle pedal and switch, muffler front exhaust side to the side of the blowing, Φ430mm pull-type diaphragm spring clutch, Shaanxi 12 gear 12JSD180TA gearbox, the first file speed ratio of 12.10, the most high-end file, 7T front axle, 22.5 inch Type brake, 10T single-stage slowdown double rear axle (Dongfeng 435), the main reduction ratio of 3.909, frame longitudinal section section size 280 × 90 × 8mm, the number of leaf spring 3/4, ZF integral power steering, 315 / 80R22 . 5 radial tire (domestic), automatic adjustment arm, Dongfeng Technology ABS (4 channel), maintenance-free battery, maintenance-free wheel, full floating cab suspension (front suspension mechanical spring + rear air bag), hydraulic electric flip , Can open the rear spoiler, colorless mezzanine front window glass, manual glass sunroof, electric glass lifter, in front of the door lock, airbag shock absorber seat, channel instrument Board, air conditioning, cab to increase the total power of the electromagnetic switch, a cruise system, no side skirts, three-stage rear fender, speed limit of 80 km / h, no retractable machine, equipped with compatible BDS ) GPS satellite positioning function of the travel recorder vehicle terminal. Installation of 90 # traction pin saddle, table.